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The Rev. Mary Carol Hart


The Rev. Mary Carol Hart

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Personal: Born, Ellis Hospital,
Schenectady, NY. Cradle Episcopalian and lifelong Scotia resident.

Married to the Rev. Alan R. Hart @ St.Andrew's, Scotia, May 22, 1994.

Education: 1974 graduate of Scotia-Glenville High School.

Education For Ministry @ St George's Church, Clifton Park, NY.
Deacon School @ St. Andrew's, Scotia.
Ordained June 10, 2006.

How God Called Me: Since childhood, I have felt the need to be a caretaker and to be of service to others. (My childhood idol was Eleanor Roosevelt.) The call to the Diaconate seemed to me an extension of this feeling. Even so, it was while Rev. Mary Chilton was Priest-in-Charge at St. Andrew's that the process actually began. She encouraged me and recommended that I read the Acts of the Apostles to learn more about the ministry of deacons. After much prayer, time, and thought, I felt the nudge to move forward, and was very pleased and humbled when the Vestry agreed to present me as a candidate. Their support, and the support of the entire congregation, continues to be invaluable; the ministry of the Diaconate is an ongoing process. While reading and studying Holy Scripture helps me to grow and mature in faith, I find that those to whom I minister have much to offer me in knowledge and in the sharing of their faith with me.