The Vestry works with the Rector in executing the ministries of the parish.  The Vestry is specifically charged with managing the resources of the parish in support of the ministries and vision that God has given us.


Wardens: Gary Sorensen (2025) and Don Tatro (2026)

Clerk of the Vestry: Kathy Hazzard

Class of 2025 - Peter DeMasi, Christine Munn

Class of 2026 - Kathy Hazzard, Ismael Santiago

Class of 2027 - James BryantBonnie Riedell

Wardens and Vestry

Qualifications, Expectations, and Terms of Office


Vestry Member:

  • Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and believes in the fundamentals of our faith as expressed in the Creed.
  • Age 18 or older.
  • Baptized Member of St. Ann’s for greater than one year.
  • Regular attendance to church services (multiple times per month).
  • Pledged financial contributor that support the Biblical mandate of tithing and are either tithing or working towards the tithe.
  • Active in at least one ministry of the church.


  • Meets the qualifications of a Vestry member.
  • Must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Active in multiple ministries of the church.
  • Previous experience as a Vestry member.


Vestry Member:

  • A witness to our faith.
  • A shepherd for the congregation.
  • A leader in the congregation.
  • Active participation in Vestry committees
  • Attendance to Vestry meetings mandatory except for occasional excused absences.
  • Attendance at church functions.
  • The term of office for a Vestry member is 3 years.


  • Same expectations as a Vestry member.
  • Lay leader for the congregation.
  • Legal representative for St. Ann’s
  • In the absence of the Rector, serves as a pastoral and faith leader for the congregation.
  • The term of office for a Warden is 2 years.